El siete

2 Aug

Nothing like a good public gauntlet-throwing to get me back on the ol’ blog!

Thanks to Kelly of a moment in the sun for rearing me back into gear with this My 7 Links project from Tripbase.  After the initial fear of being far too sporadic a blogger to have 7 interesting posts, I dug through the archives to find that while my numbers may be few, I did indeed have at least 7 moments of clarity worth re-sharing with you all.  Here’s to a quick look back on my first frazzled year in foreign territory:

My most beautiful post.


In brevity, beauty. These two sentences sum up my Spanish experience better than the whole of my blog combined.

My most popular post.

Aprovecho que?

This one apparently had my whole family struggling to help me come up with an alternative translation for que aprovecho.  They were ultimately stumped.  Now that I’m back home, I miss the constant reminders that I should be having a good appetite with my food… it was so much more of an enjoyable relationship between food and eater… sigh.

My most controvercial post.

No rey!

At the mid-point of my overseas journey, I found someone from home who managed to confuse rather than cure my homesickness.  The post took me some time to decide to publish, and I still am a bit wary of it sounding catty… but the intention wasn’t to call someone out, rather to work through why that encounter made me feel so dejected.

My most helpful post.

Fallas y follies

A short list of lessons learned from my own travel blunders, so that hopefully I won’t ever run into a hungry solo traveler with whom I will be forced to share my purse cake.

The post whose success surprised me. 

Colgar afuera

I didn’t think I would get much sympathy for griping about not having a clothes dryer.  Yes, it may wreak of obnoxious first-world problems, but I’ll be damned if my tale of seagulls and soaring socks didn’t end up prompting a call from a loved one offering condolences.  Let’s face it, everyone loves the smell and feel of clean, fluffy laundry; nothing is sadder than reeling in a fresh batch only to realize it now smells like wet sidewalk.

The post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved.


A foreigner lost in a strange new place!  Narcolepsy!  Time traveling public transit!  What’s not to love??

The post I’m most proud of.

Day 20: Poco a poco a bocata

One small step for the world of blogging, one giant leap for a writing-shy artist/travel fiend.


So to keep up the chain of #My7Links, here are the nominees I’d like to see in their best sevens:

– Kerryn on 365 Project: Picture-a-day loveliness from a UK-native and current Vigo resident

– Moonit at pixels and palabras: LA to Barcelona to LA to Galicia to LA to…?

This African Life: The latest post from this volunteer in Ethiopia is an interesting idea for bringing literature to his village…

Cemetery Travel:  Because usually the most interesting stops are the ones the tourist bus doesn’t make.


4 Responses to “El siete”

  1. Loren Rhoads 3 August, 2011 at 02:15 #

    Thanks so much for the My 7 Links tag! I’ll try to be worthy.

  2. thisblonde 5 August, 2011 at 00:08 #

    es la verdad amiga mia .. Colgar afuera .. crack me up. thanks for your seven links :)

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